Friday, August 14, 2009

Conservation Quotes

My FAN group is exhibiting at the Jacksonville Main Library in October. The theme is "The Language of Conservation." This is my spray painted/stenciled entry. I googled the word "conservation" to come up with the definition, synonyms and some quotes to use. I backed the spray painted/stenciled canvas with felt and stitched the words. I cut it up and arranged the pieces. The hanger is a piece of driftwood with a crocheted cord. Hope it gets juried in!! I entered a couple of art quilts as well.

A close up of the piece.
A close up of the top.

"Conservation Quotes"

The painted canvas. I wrote in large letters the synonyms of conservation: protection, management, preservation, safe guard, safekeeping, restoration and maintenance using a marker. Then I spray painted using many stencils.

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