Friday, August 14, 2009

Spray painting and Stenciling

This is the cover. I love Mary Ann's technique of dribbling paint from a squeeze bottle to make marks. I just love this lime color.

I've been quiet I know. Here are some of my pages for my new Stencil book. I'm taking another online class from Mary Ann Moss. This class involves spray painting, stenciling and stitching. I'm still working on the spray painting and stenciling - particularly the colors of paint. There's a learning curve. I'm not happy with my colors but I think that after adding stamps and collage elements, I'm be much happier. But that will all have to wait until I'm back from my Alaska land and sea cruise. I leave tomorrow. I'm taking a journal which I hopefully will fill with collage and words.

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Roben-Marie said...

Hey! Love seeing your beautiful work! I just downloaded the PDF last night and plan to get to the videos soon! Cheers!