Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back Home

I had a fabulous time with my sister, traveling in N. California and SW Oregon.  The Nature Printing Society's Workshop was one of the many highlights of the trip.  Traveling with my lovely, animated sister was best of all.  We sure did have a good time.

The workshop was wonderful.  The printers were grand, ever so sharing with knowledge, expertise, and patience.  My Boot Camp for Beginning Printers on Fabric turned out just fine.  I enjoyed myself as I taught others what I do on fabric.  The other 3 classes I took were:  Composition (paper collage)with Andrew Borloz, printing on silk scarves with Bee Shay, and octopus printing with Sharron Huffman.  The evenings were a time for travel journaling with Bee Shay.  I learned a lot.

I couldn't resist adding an image of the infant onsies I printed up for my very first grandchild (expected to arrive at Christmas Time). 

I'll be posting soon with images of pages from my travel journal.  I really enjoyed printing up several images from my camera with the PoGo Polaroid Printer.  Love that thing.  I kept up with the day's events until the next to last day.  It was a nice way to end the day, recapping my trip.


Vicki W said...

It sounds like a fabulous time!

Createology said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time and enjoyed yourselves and got to learn so very much. Happy creating...

Kara said...

Nice work, Mom. And I absolutely love the onesies. I can't wait until you get to put them on your grandson!

CJ said...

Enjoyed this post. I never knew there was a Nature Printing Society in the U.S.

After he retired, my high school biology teacher (now deceased) began to do nature printing and published 2 books about it. In 1972 he was one of only three foreigners to be admitted to Japan's Gyoraku-no-kai (nature printing society.)

I heard he was presenting a lecture on his art at the art center in Pittsburgh (in the 70s), which I attended. I took with me, my biology notebook that contained sketches of all the drawings of leaves, flowers, roots, worms, and frogs from my 10th-grade class. He was shocked that I (or anyone) would have saved it. I guess I was a hoarder, even then.

I am a retired art teacher and often had students do nature printing. It was especially nice that students could be successful even without drawing ability.

I wrote my own post about the process in 2009 which can be found here: http://proartz.blogspot.com/2009/01/creative-process-art-3.html