Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Off to Nature Printing Society Workshop

Today's the day I head to California then to Oregon for this year's Nature Printing Society's workshop.  I teach leaf printing on fabric the first day the, take classes myself.  Traveling with my sister, Marlene, is a very special treat! 

The image is a t-shirt I printed that will be traded!  Can't wait for the surprise shirt!


Marlene said...

Fabulous shirt! You'll be a marvel as a teacher there! Happy, happy days ahead!!!!

Createology said...

Safe travels and enjoy all that you will experience and learn. Happy creating...

Nihal said...

Hi there Diane,
So inspiring, one-of-a-kind your works are. I like very much the naturally printed t-shirt. How I would like to have your class.. Have been to Florida, but I met darling Marlene after that, unluckiness..

Now, she is about traveling to my hometown to bring some Californian weather in Istanbul:) I am so very excited to meet up Marlene.. That's how I come over your creative corner, and will be visiting you as often as I do.

All the best~