Sunday, April 24, 2011

Latest Portrait Completed

I'm pretty pleased with this portrait of a friend of mine and his dog.  It's a commissioned piece.  I certainly struggled with this.  The first one did not turn out very well.  I think I didn't have a clear image to start with and my values of dyed fabric weren't distinctive enough.  So I went over to their abode and took dozens of photos myself.  I am not a photographer, but my camera has 10x.  At home, I played with a couple images in Photo Shop Elements and dyed some more fabric.  If the values of cloth and the image are good, the rest is fairly easy, though time consuming.  Through it all, I did enjoy the experience.  Working a commission is daunting at times.  I sometimes say I won't do them anymore but in the end I continue to offer the service.  Getting my art out there seems to be the driving force.   My "client" friends haven't seem it yet.  Keep your fingers crossed.


zanylady99 said...

Very Nice! I hope he was pleased as this is real treasure for him. The love for his dog is clearly shown.

Kara said...

I love it!!!