Saturday, November 26, 2011

Quiet on Blog but busy in Studio

Fabric Book covers once again.  This time not only did I make covers for composition books, but for artist sketch books and 3x5 card booklets.  I really enjoyed the one just above.  I plan to create more using my many scraps.

The above are some of my dyed/printed silk scarves.  How I love to print using real leaves.  There's a meditative process happening when I print.

And lastly, I've made some fabric paper using pieces of paper towel that protected my hands when printing leaves.  I layered a thin muslin with torn pieces paper towels and painted with thinned white glue.  I have no plans at the present for this but I know I'll create something sometime.

I also made this year's Christmas ornaments but forgot to take a picture.  Next time.


quilthexle said...

Wow you were busy ! I love your book covers, they look really great ;-))

lynda Howells said...

love your work herexxx