Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ribbon Scarves - Another Sister Project

Here I am wearing my first scarve.

My darling sister, Marlene, wearing one of her scarves
We spent one of our days together with two of Marlene's friends making ribbon/thread scarves.  Process - lay out various ribbon/threads/yarns/fabric pieces onto a water soluble plastic-like material, place another water soluble piece on top and pin.   Take it to the sewing machine and stitch.  I thoroughly enjoyed going through Marlene's stash picking out what I wanted.  The stitching was a bit boring.  Once the stitching was completed, dip it in water and voila!  A beautiful airy scarf.  I made two - though very like in colors.  Marlene had 3 when the week was up.  I had a fun time with her friends!

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