Friday, February 3, 2012

What I did around Christmas Time

Looking at the huge plastic container holding my Christmas stuff, I came across tree blocks I made ages ago.  they were intended to be the border for my daughter's "Santa" quilt but looked way too big, so I went smaller.  I pieced and quilter a similar lap quilt for myself but had many more trees leftover just sitting in that plastic box.  So..... I pieced and quilted up another similar quilt.  I intend on gifting it to my son and his fiance for their first Christmas married!  Through this whole ordeal, I was consistently reminder why I happily turned to creating art quilts.  But it's done and I'm happy with it!

This next image is the back.  I'm in the process of using up all that commerically printed fabric in the closet as you can see!

 This is what started my Christmas quiltmaking - my annual tree ornaments.  Again, I'm using my many scraps.

Til next time.... be happy, create!

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zanylady99 said...

Great tree quilt for Corey and Mary. Ha..using us your commercial fabric for backs? So that means a zillion quilts in the making???