Friday, February 17, 2012

Low Tide

"Low Tide"  12 x 12" created by Diane Hamburg $150
"Low Tide" detail. (please visit this blog to see what the others have created) is the blog that 19 fiber artists of Jacksonville, FL is sharing their art pieces of different themes.  The first theme was "Free to Play."  I choose to use an image of my grandson Max, playing freely on the beach.  He had a great time!  And this grandma, Granny, had a great time watching him explore the place she holds quite dear.  I used my standby technique of Ellen Lindner - double reverse applique.  I worked harder with the background which was quite enjoyable.  I'm pleased with the result and plan on developing more images of Max at the beach in the near future.


Marilyn Wall said...

Diane, My name is Marilyn Wall and I am preparing a powerpoint presentation on fiber portraits. I would like to use a few of your and I would like your permission to do so. Thanks for considering this.

zanylady99 said...

This sooooo precious!!!