Tuesday, June 5, 2012

So Tickled

The Language of Leaves IV won Honorable Mention at my local Island Art Association's Nouveau Art Exhibit entitled "Black and White!"  I'm pleased to say the least.  I thoroughly enjoyed the leaf printing - some monotypes involved and some stitching.  No fabric, only paper.  More bookmaking is in the future! Check the last post for more images of the pages.


zanylady99 said...

You should consider doing this as a class at NPS!

zanylady99 said...

Yikes....it's hard to leave a comment as their robot-proof letters are too hard to read! Anyway, this is the fourth and last try....I was just trying to make a comment that you should teach this as a class at NPS

Diane said...

So sorry you had a hard time commenting. I love your comments. You're such a wonderful and encouraging supporter!