Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Some of my latest.

"3 Faces of Beryl"
"3 Faces of Beryl" is another piece I put in my local Island Art Association's Nouveau Art exhibit entitled "Black and White."  I was experimenting with monotype drawing of the faces - all fabric.  I chose the title as we were in the mist of the topical storm "Beryl" when I was working on it.  It didn't win anything but was accepted into the show, so I was pleased.  This is the same show my book won "Honorable Mention!"

The following are 3 fabric collages that I now have hanging in the Butterfield Garage Art Gallery in St. Augustine, Florida along with several other older pieces.  Butterfield created a really beautiful room for a bunch of us fiber artists.  Two of us are "wall" artists and the others are wearable art folks.  The Opening is this Friday night!  I'll upload some images after the opening.

I spent some time this afternoon collaging old book pages to future leaf printed cards like the one in the middle.  I'll be printing soon.  How I love to print leaves!
The following image, though sideways - sorry, are some of the notecards I made for a very loyal client!  Sieta orders cards every so often!  I'm lucky!  I collage papers and images printed on fabric and then stitch a little.

Lastly, this image is one I've been working on - first on the computer with  Picasa- sharpening it, posterizing it, etc.  It's of my great nephew and my grandson.  Michael took Max's hand and led him to the bubbles!  Ever so cute.  I've done a lot of stitching, working in the faces a bit.  Next comes the background and machine quilting.  I'm trying to talk myself into entering it into a fancy fiber show.  We shall see once I get it completed.  Of course, I ask for some feedback from friends and family. 
Til next time!  Create something, anything - play - it does your heart good!

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