Friday, October 12, 2012

More Monoprints

 As you can see I've been having way too much fun.  Gel printing/monoprinting is quite addictive.  Now what to do with all of these creations.  Several of the paper ones were my favorites so I printed the images onto inkjet fabric sheets.  I'm using Jacquard Cotton today.   I've used several other brands.  I don't have a favorite at this point.  I'll stitch - hand and machine - at a later date.

Below is a mock-up of a fabric monoprint.  I added some fabrics I printed and painted using the same paints to help coordinate the design.  Needs a zinger color/fabric.
 I've repeated that happy experiment of spraying leaves and plate with water.
 A paper favorite
 Definitely another favorite.
Now I must get supplies in order for the Wildacres, NC Nature Printing Society Workshop.  Husband and I leave Monday!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

There are some very lovely prints there! Love them.
warm regard,

zanylady99 said...

You are having too much fun! I like what is happening!

I'm looking forward to see what develops!