Friday, August 27, 2010

Itching to Stitch

I belong to a local group of eclectic fiber lovers, Itching to Stitch.  We get together once a month and share our work, our art, our craft, and friendship.  This month I was the "leader" and introduced (though we've seen the idea before) fun foam stamping. We cut up children's fun foam, adhered the pieces and parts to a piece of transparency, cut it to size, and stamped away on fabric.  I just wanted the gals to get another taste of creating their own personal stamps.  I believe they all had a good time.  I sure did! 
Here's an example of one of my stamps fun foam adhered to a thicker foam I made earlier. We used a piece of transparency cut to size this time.  I got the idea of the transparency from this month's Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine.  I love the fact that the stamps take up less room in storage and that I can see to position the stamp when printing. And perhaps less expensive materials! Simple materials, great results, if I say so myself!

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