Friday, October 28, 2011

Dyeing using Silk Ties

Isn't this absolutely beautiful!  My sister and I layered a piece of muslin, layered a white silk scarf, added cut pieces of silk ties(whole), placed another silk scarf on top and ended with another piece of muslin.  We rolled it up and tied the roll.  Placed the roll in a pot, covered it in water and 2 tablespoons of vinegar and boiled the roll for 20 minutes.  Rinsed in cold water, unroll, and were tickled with the results.  The scarves are beautiful and fun to wear.  The muslin caught some of the leftover dye but turned out mostly pink.  The red and blues turned out the best, green next best.

We went on to experiment with silk broadcloth.  This time we didn't use the muslin, just the broadcloth.

We just used half the silk for the ties and then folded over the other half.  Simply beautiful.  By the way, the tie pieces can be used again and again.  And of course, I plan to use the pieces in some kind of fiber art project.  Stay turned!

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lynda Howells said...

wow..intereesting ideaxxlynda