Monday, July 16, 2012


"Oh, Delicious" © Diane Hamburg 12x16"

"Une Pomme" © Diane Hamburg 12x12"
Our local theater, Amelia Community Theatre, is performing "God's Favorite" in August.  Hopefully the above pieces are accepted for their lobby art exhibit.  The theme is "Temptation."  I got the idea of Adam and Eve in my head and couldn't veer from it no matter how hard I tried.  I really didn't want to do people so settled on the apple.  Both are done using Ellen Lindner's technique double reverse applique for the hand and apples.  For the background I adopted the look from my fiber friend, Mary Rhopa.  I took that tree workshop from her last week.  Many of her backgrounds are small pieces of different fabrics.  I decided to use rectangles but I've used organic shapes before.  Viewing Mary's quilts brought me back to my stash of commercially printed fabrics.

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