Saturday, July 7, 2012

Studio Work Plus Gallery Opening

Here are some of the note cards completed.  How I just love to print leaves.  I can get into such a relaxed, meditative state printing nature.  The feel of the leaves are I press and rub them to transfer the paint onto the paper/fabric is soothing.  I printed the back of the envelops as well.
 I drove to St. Augustine - 1.5 hours- for the opening of the Fiber Art Gallery, a part of Butterfield Garage Art Gallery.  Lots of folks came and enjoyed an evening of art and refreshments.  Here is some of my work on display.  Most of the "fiber Art" is wearables.  The room looks very nice.

 I played with paint, leaves and the gelli plate on paper and fabric.  I'm working on layering.  This is one of my favorites.  I'll put more up later.
During Wimbledon Tennis matches and tour de France, I've been working through these two books - folding books.  A rediscovered love as you know from previous posts.  I'll be doing some stitch bindings soon. 

Do back soon.  Thanks for visiting.

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