Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Teaching Kids and Slow cloth progress

The first two images show some examples of stitching using the straight stitching:  running stitch and the ladder stitch that I used for the classes I taught at my local Island Art Association's youth art classes.  I taught elementary aged children, none of whom said they've never stitched before.  I had a good time sharing my love of stitch.  Most seemed to enjoy themselves.  I hope I inspired the rest to stitch some more. 
 These below are just my stitching along side the children.  Way too much fun!
Here's some works in progress.  I am sure enjoying the needle and thread, stitching in and out, filling up the spaces.  Added some words:  machine stitched and hand stitched.

Decided to machine quilt the woven strips of my own silk tie dyed fabrics, then tacked the silk red heart down.  I've done some more work on these two.  I'll take some more work in progress images to document my journey.
The background is hand painted and printed on this last piece.  All the fabrics are recycled ones:  a blouse, ties, dresser scarf.  Even the painted and printed background - I clean my brushes and brayers on a damp old bed sheet. let it dry all scrunched up and then leaf print and stamp it. 

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