Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Commission Piece completed, sent and appreciated

I was tickled to death when a lady emailed me saying she loved the two portraits of my grandson, Max playing on the beach, that were hanging in my local Island Art Association.  She had been tempted to buy one but wondered if I would do a piece of her two granddaughters.  I said "Yes!  I'd be honored."  Well, this piece was a long time in the making.  Several starts til the above.  My customer was satisfied!  That I am thankful for. 

Commissions are a tricky business.  The two I've done - portraits - took much longer than I ever anticipated, curtailed my creativity in other areas, anxiety ridden as well.  I'll probably reframe from accepting another commission though utterly thrilled to be asked.

Onward to other creations!!!

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