Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Hand Stitching

6x6" Beach Scene  $40

6x6" Beach Scene $40

6x6" Beach Scene $40
The above 3 are examples of some beach scenes I've been stitching.  I've mounted these on gallery wrapped frames.  It seems this size is a good choice as a few have been sold already!  My fiber art group had a little workshop a month or so ago and got me back into doing little beach scenes.  I can stitch these up while traveling in the car (as a passenger).
Tidal Pool 16x16"  $250
 I saw a piece on the internet that sparked my creativity.  Hope you can see the encrusted items - items stitched in place between the top layer and the backing. Then I added embroidery stitches on top.  The folds reminded me of the ripples on the sand left by the tide coming and going.  This piece I submitted to the "Tactile Show" at the St. Augustine Art Association.

The following is a bowl that was a little over the top - lesson learned - simplicity is better than complex.  I thoroughly enjoyed the process and will make another - with less of everything.

This "encrusted" work was first introduced to me through an English magazine called "Stitch."  I don't subscribe anymore but my old issues are getting my attention once again.
Fabric Bowl

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