Monday, October 7, 2013

Morning Tea and Healing Doll

 "Morning Tea" is my entry for the Nouveau Art exhibit entitled "Everyday Stuff" being held by my local Island Art Association.  Last minute is NOT the way to go.  I enjoy my tea each and every morning using an old teapot my old nursing school roommate gave my eons ago.  I thought of that teapot as soon as I read about the theme.  The background is a not-so-great deconstructive screen print I attempted with my sister.  I tore it in strips and did some weaving.  I rather like the effect.  Lesson: never give up on something.  I photographed my teapot and used the outline to stitch upon an old tea towel I embroidered as a little girl.  Just love it.  All stitched down, stretched on stretcher bars, photographed, then realized the teapot melts into the background.  If I had more time, I would have taken it apart and machine stitch or something to bring out the teapot.   Since time ran out, I handstitched around the edge - better, but not great.  Oh well.  Lesson: spend more time in the design!

The next project was a healing doll for a friend of mine just diagnosed with breast cancer.  The whole poem or rather a song of "Deep Peace" is quite moving.  I'll post the source later.  Hope the words I chose and the doll itself bring comfort and peace to this dear friend.

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zanylady99 said...

Oh I love the teapot one as it is. Perfect! The healing doll brought tears to my eyes. Please do post the poem. You are a dear friend to make that for her and healing wishes for her.