Thursday, June 28, 2007

Back Home For a Short While

As you can see, I've uploaded some pics: "Maples" - shown in friend/client's home. "Pair of Pears" and "Apple" - shown in same friend/client's home; "Welcoming Committee" using African fabrics; and more fabric reproduction of original art quilt note cards I just did yesterday; and finally some pics of critter leaf printing I printed before I left for my 2 week trip.

Two art festivals in a row. I met a lot of nice people who stopped at my booth at the Virginia Beach Boardwalk Show and at the Manayunk Show in Phila. My work attracts a lot of attention. I had the privilege of receiving the "Best in the Fiber Category" at the Manayunk Show. Yeah!!!!! My smaller art pieces were popular - small art quilt pieces and my note cards. As a result I plan to create more of the Fabric Reproduction cards for upcoming shows. I've already started. My larger pieces seem to be what brings the folks into my booth. I'm working on ways to market them better - one is to have photos of art quilts installed like the ones I've included here. Another marketing tool has to be a web site. Will be working on that after my family vacation trip next week.

I'll be working on the leaf prints the next couple of days. I'll be keeping you informed.

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