Saturday, June 30, 2007

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

The few days I've been home have been full. I can't believe I'm ready for another car ride - just to rest!

First pic is a project for a class I just had today with some children at our local Art Association. Only 2 of the 12 children who signed up, showed up but my helper and I had a grand time with these young men: 13 and 5. I showed them the running stitch first, then they choose fabrics to tack down on felt with washable glue stick. Then they used the running stitch to embellish. They seemed to enjoy it. Planning for classes takes time and energy. Even one that looks as simple as this one. I enjoyed the bright colors! Think I'll be making a book cover with these samples.

I quilted my leaf turtles: not crazy about these - the binding is needed. That will have to wait until I get back from a week at Emerald Isle, NC. My husband's family has vacationed there for years and years. We eat well, drink hardily, read tons of books and have a grand time together!

I did bring work to do: postcard thank you notes to write; fabric reproduction note cards to design; bead felting plus seed bead embellishments. Wonder how much I'll get done?????

Have a grand week.

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Quilt Pixie said...

The turtles are lovely -- though the quilting in the photo does overshadow them a little....