Monday, June 11, 2007

Enjoying Life at the Beach and ART

Pics of hand dyes and "Palms" card series.

Ahh, what a great weekend! The beach is certainly lovely. Love my morning walks, swimming with my son, and my evening walks with son and his big puppy/dog.

I spent much of the weekend dyeing yards of fabric with my new dyes: burgundy, eggplant, forest green, olive drab, marigold. Did some browns, too (those were mixed and sitting in refrig. I use procion dyes and am rather lazy about the dyeing process. I usually follow Ann Johnson's Color by Accident - value dyeing. I store unused dye concentrate in the refrigerator. Seems to stay fairly potent for a long while. The process is fun until the ironing part. I have never liked ironing. The colors are delicious!!!!! Creating with these fabrics will have to wait until I return from my shows - 2 weeks!!!!

I put an inquiry about how to increase sales on the QuiltArt list and received food for thought. One idea popped up using reproductions of original fiber art. I have used an image a while back of a lighthouse quilt I had made. I printed the image on specially treated fabric, quilted it, embellished with free motion machine embroidery. I did about 5 - and was so bored, I vowed never to do that again. But after reading about reproductions for note cards, I decided to print images on fabric, add torn paper, lace and stitch to note cards - package in 4's - 4 images of a series. Hopefully I can direct folks to these when the larger fiber pieces are out of their budget. I plan to print off a few larger images and mat them as well.

Tomorrow I head off the Virgina Beach Boardwalk Show, Pennsylvania to visit brother/family and mother and then on to Philadelphia for the Manayunk Arts Festival. Jeez, what a trip!

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