Monday, September 3, 2007

Art Drop Off and then pack up

Been way too busy finishing up work for the Fiber Show, Neptune Beach, FL and the Yellow Daisy Art Festival, Atlanta, GA. But I am having fun, fun, fun! Love working in my ever messy studio. Well, maybe, the studio could be a bit neater. I can only blame "creativity" for just so much of the mess. Too much mess tends to stifle creativity. Cleaning up the studio a tad is first on my list when I get back from the show!

I had to redo the sky in a large sunrise scene. Redoing was a bit tricky but I do like the result. The sky is a digital photo of an Amelia Island sunrise printed on special fabric. A spot appeared in the top middle of the sky during one of my outdoor shows. I couldn't remove it without removing the color. So I redid it. The sky looks great, if I say so myself.

I finished up a small sunrise I had pieced earlier. The other one that I posted sold!!!!

I finished up the leaf collages. Have one more to stretch. Have to buy more stretcher bars.

Almost completed 5 4x6ers - designed for the Red Hatters. And in the process of creating Fancy Lady pins for the Red Hatters as well. I machine embroider the faces, add yarn hair and a red hat to make pins.

Shortly I'm off to deliver some of my art to 1st Street Gallery, Neptune Beach, FL for their Fiber Show. I'll be doing a wee bit of shopping before I head home to pack up for the trip.

Tired thinking about all this! I'll be back the 14th, hopefully with news of great sales!

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Donna said...

finishing up stuff always feels so great doesn't it! :-)