Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Backin the Oceanside Studio

I actually relaxed on vacation. Read a lot! Ate and drank a lot. Had a great visit with sister/brother in-laws and their children. Couldn't asked for better weather! I wrote my thank you postcards to clients but that was it for my fiber work. Got to work in the studio soon after I returned home, though. First was to finish up the Leafy Turtles - did add some blue Shiva paintstick on the water part. Think I'll add more on the one I was a little heavy in parts. I like these and I don't. Huh?????? Gotta look at them some more.

I got really involved in my "Pirate Book" - a meandering book from Cloth Paper Scissors, Winter 2005, Issue 5. Again I'm enjoying the process. This pic is the work in progress. Want to embellish a bit more. I am pondering on how to display this piece - an entry to local art co-op challenge.

Pondering over my discharged black fabric of a while back - want to get moving on that pieces/pieces. Began creating more of the fabric reproductions note cards. I do enjoy the collaging.

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Quilt Pixie said...

It is good to take a holiday sometimes, even from fiber arts :-)