Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Been working

I've included some pics of the products of my fun playtime while out with Marlene, my sister, in California. There's distressed felt beads, friendly plastic, polymer clay: molds, faces, buttons, beads, etc. My sea turtle piece is in progress. Then I've included a pic of printed grape leaves on my very own dyed fabric. I'll be quilting that later and some extra leaves to make a 9 x 12" piece to hang in a local artwalk. Of course I didn't print just one but 3 altogether. How I love to print leaves. And lastly, another completed sunrise/beach wall hanging. That's the second of 3 completed. I love my beach scenes as well.


Jill Smith said...

Hello Dianne, remember me l was he one that fell in love with your studio when l was in the group and l found your blog yesterday and its on my list of favorite blogs l read. Love that sea turtle never seen one but have seen pictures and tv with them on, l think its going to be a great piece of art, will pop back and see. I have three blogs now so it keeps me busy.

Diane said...

Jill Smith, yes, I remember you! Thanks for commenting! We have sea turtles that nest on our island. What creatures - so graceful in water, persistent on land.