Monday, August 6, 2007

Been working in the Studio

Will try and post some pics later this evening when the Internet is not so busy.

I've completed my "commission" sea turtle piece, 18" square. It's my "Dinner for One" series! Glue batik with Watersoluble neocolor crayons, highlighted with Shiva paintsticks, raw edged appliques, free motion quilting.

I've also completed more in the series "Hanging Vines" using printed grapes leaves, hand-dyed fabric, machine made coils for the vines. I left loose threads is represent the vines tendrils. One I stretched on 20 x 16" stretcher frame, the other two were 12 x 9", hung the usual way using a dowel in a sleeve in the back of the piece.

I've printed a bunch of ginkgo leaves: to make 4 x 6" pieces with loose leaves tacked down. I'll add Chinese coins and beads later. I've quilted 15 of little gems and tons of loose leaves. The beaded hangers will keep me busy in the car travels.

Planning lots of little projects as I have to get ready for some Fine Craft shows and Christmas shows. And besides, little gems seem to be my bread and butter. I'll be taking my art pieces as well, just bunches of little things as well.


Quilt Pixie said...

don't know about you but I love the little projects -- helps me stay motivated as I see real progress and completion :-)

Diane said...

Quilt Pixie, sometimes I do the small pieces when I'm stuck! Just doing the work gets me going again.