Friday, August 10, 2007

Been working on small items

I've been so very busy! Mostly working on some items for the Stone Mountain, GA Yellow Daisy Festival (Sept 6 - 9). I'll have my "Art Quilts" up but need a bunch of smaller items as I believe this show is more "craft" than "art." We shall see. I try to come up with creations that I enjoy making a bunch of and still consider "art." So, there's a bunch of 4x6's: featuring ginkgo leaves, dogwoods and daisies. I'll be creating some music themed 4x6's as well. Of course, Halloween is coming, so I may make some pumpkin pin/magnet cards. I had fun making those last year! Included are pics of the bookmarks I create: leaves, turtles, fish. There's some of the flowers that I have to add yarns and beads to. I've been at the computer as well - to design note cards that I will attach a mini art quilt to. There's two pics of these: the 4 ginkgo cards and the one dogwood that has a saying underneath. I enjoy researching the meaning of things and quotes/poems/sayings of them.

Now for dinner - my turn to cook!


Quilt Pixie said...

Hope the show goes well. I'm not very good at making more than one of anything, so can only marvel at your patience and tenacity with the themes...

Marlene said...

Love the ginkgos! Especially the ones in the center, 3-dimenional!

Keep up the good work!