Thursday, August 16, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

I've been enjoying making my new pin/pendants, using fabric reproductions plus bits of lace and cheesecloth. I've added some beads as well. I concentrated on the "nature" ones as I'm heading off for Bar Harbor, Maine for the Annual Workshop and Meeting of the Nature Printing Society. I'll be learning some new printing techniques as well as refining those I've known already. I've never been to Maine - some breath-taking scenery. Plus, it's gotta be cooler than here in Florida!
I've finished, well, practically, finished, the Christmas wreath piece - I printed the evergreens a while back. I ran out of thread doing the border. I'll be picking up more thread this morning so it'll be done. I'd like to take that with me along with some other "nature printing" work to Maine. Here's also another 12 x 9 grape leaf piece. Sure like the grape vines/leaves! I've completed tons of 4x6er's and note cards as well. Getting ready for the Stone Mountain Art Festival in Atlanta 2nd weekend in September.


Marlene said...

Diane! You're amazing with your creative talents and the wealth of work you produce in such a short time. You go, girl!

Quilt Pixie said...

busy would hardly capture that much activity in my house! Wow, that's working like a deverish in my book!

I love the grape leaves. They are wonderfully set off by the background

Diane said...

Thank you, both. I appreciated the encouragement and affirmation. I'm driven to work.