Thursday, August 16, 2007

Must get packing!

Trying to get organized for the trip to Maine and the Nature Printing Society's Annual Workshop and Meeting. A big bag of supplies for the workshops themselves. Two big bags of materials to complete: bookmarks, 4x6er's, needlefelted balls that will be pendants, fabric charms to be wired and findings attached, Humm.... what else??? Oh I must pack some clothes!!!! Luckily husband, Jim, handles the driving, maps, motels. I might be able to post while up in Maine. We shall see. I'm so excited.

Besides the excitement of the trip, I made time to attend the FAN meeting. Fabric Artists Network - artists from Fernandina and Jacksonville area - a wonderfully divergent group of fiber artists. We sure have fun. We made clay, regular clay, the kind that must be fired and glazed, buttons and beads. One of the gals will fire our doings Raku style! Earthly, organic looking!

I got into designing another series of nature prints: the inspiration was the colors I used to print the leaves - then I rediscovered some decorator fabrics that had the same greens and voila! A new series. I just had to finish designing, pin basting. They're be ready for me to quilt when I get home in 10 days!!! I've included a teaser for you! And there is more designer fabrics awaiting!

Til Maine!

Oh, now how could I forget! I could not resist purchasing an embellisher while at the FAN meeting - we meet at a quilt shop in Jax. I innocently asked the price - and got a cut on the sale price. I'm tickled. I've just been gazing at it. Really longing to get my hands on it but time is way too short. That'll be waiting for me as well.

Now, Cheers.

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