Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Work - Wandjina Revisited

Detail of Wandjina Revisited before completion
 I meant to post photos in process - failed.  Here is some - I discharged - taking the color out of the black fabric using a product called Decolourant- applied wet, ironed when dry.  I used plain - the white marks.  Then I used the copper.  There is no change in the hand of the fabric - no stiffness. 

The next image is the body - I used Decolourant - producing the white.   The curved design was created using the Decolourant on the gelli plate.  How I love monoprinting with this plate!  The black with the rust like color was discharged using a bleach scrub.  This is the same black fabric.  I love the rusty look but bleach is caustic.

Wandjina Revisited - body before quilting and appliques

Wandjina Revisited 47x20" 
 I thought I'd show you the quilting.  Once turned, and ironed, I did more stitching to attach all the layers.
Quilting completed, before attaching front to backing
I was inspired by the petroglyphs of Kimberely, Australia.  Check this site for the history.  

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