Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Work Completed

Ancient Travelers 26 x 26"
Ancient Travelers was completed before Wandjina Revisited.  My organization is something to be improved.   This  was again inspired by petroglyphs - ones in the States.  Raw-edged applique over sponged painted hand masks.  Some machine stitching and lots of hand stitching.

The following is some of my leaf and stamp printing on hand dyed silk scarves.  I have these for sale at First Street Gallery, Neptune Beach, Florida.
 I created 10 composition covers for the same gallery.  I do sell the scarves and books at my local gallery as well - Island Art Association.


Kara said...

I love Ancient Travlers. It reminds me of dancing. :)

Diane said...

So happy to report that Ancient Travelers was sold!!!!!

The figures became dancers in my mind - my lovely daughter is forever in my heart, dancer that she was and still is!