Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Off to Vegas

I'll be away from the beach and studio for awhile. I'm heading to Vegas to see my darling daughter, Kara, dance with the Nevada Ballet Theatre. I'll be good to go at a different pace for a time, gather my thoughts and ideas. A break!

Thought I would share a small piece I made for my local art association's challenge "Places I've Been." It's titled "Leaving Vegas" 11x17". It follows an idea that I saw on "Simply Quilts" one day. Starts with a photo printed on specially treated fabric and hand-dyes for the borders.

Oh, I think I'll share my crazy lady purses as well as i'm taking one with me to Vegas.. I started making these purses and small wall hangings when Quilting Arts put out the challenge of self-portraits. I made a crazy portrait for the art association's challenge "Wild and Crazy" and won first prize! I've added that photo as well. I do have fun designing faces!

Sorry about the order of the photos. I download them in the "right" order but they get switched.

Do have a grand time creating!

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