Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Yesterday's work and today's plans

Sorry for the fuzzy photo. I've figured out how to take decent pictures of my wall pieces but haven't figure out how to photo things that are laying flat on a table/floor yet,

Anyway, these are examples of what I produce on the smaller scale besides the postcards and beach scene pins: greeting cards with shrimp (most appropriate for the Shrimpfest) - mini quilts; bookmarks - different mini quilts with various yarns and a bead or two at the end - I've put a quote about books or reading on the back of the label; Wonderfully Wacky Women pins - I have a great time making these. The pins started off with my stack of practice quilt sandwiches for the bodies. I used to use buttons for the faces but then got into free motion machine embroidery, making faces after a doll workshop with my friend, Nancy. I now have a huge collection of beads for the arms and legs and another collection of fancy yarns for the hair (Oh, I do a wee bit of crocheting and knitting as well). Add those collections to my fabric collections and I've taken over the downstairs. Heaven help me if I ever have to downsize!!!


nansea said...

Have a wonderful and successful shrimp festival. Your work is wonderful and your quilting fabulous. Have fun Nansea

Diane said...

Thank you!