Thursday, May 3, 2007

Yesterday's work

I just checked yesterday's post and noticed I forgot to write about my plans of the day. Jeez, my mind runs away from me in many directions.

I did some finishing up - backs on the beach pins and added turtle beads and embroidered sea gulls. I took photos of the gyotaku and pelican wall hangings. I made a small piece using scanned beach treasures. I tried using fusible peltex instead of 100% cotton batting. The piece certainly came out flat but it was difficult to quilt over some thick, bulky seams. Think I'll use that peltex for postcards. I've started 10 SeaMaid pins - 4" mermaids - faces and hair like my Wonderfully Wacky Women pins, adding some beads to clasped hands. Examples of SeaMaids and SeaTurtles in photo.

Today, I'm designing a small memento for my brother and his wife - they're celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary shortly. I'll finish up the pins. I want to make some pirate postcards for the Shrimpfest. Pirates are BIG in Fernandina, especially during Shrimpfest week. And I still want to print brightly colored leaves - maybe. I get extremely hyper prior to shows, especially Shrimpfest.

I've included a photo of the scanned beach treasures. I put the finds in a plastic tray and scan them, print on specially treated fabric, add borders and quilt. Easy but very stirring, I think.

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