Thursday, April 12, 2007

Activity prior to a show

I get a tad manic when I have an art show coming up. Deadlines are intriguing, I guess. I have more ideas rolling in my head then I can ever produce. But what fun! Jacksonville, Florida's Jazzfest is this weekend. For the second year, I'll be part of the art show. So JAZZ is the current theme I'm working with. In the throes of near completion are 3 medium quilt wallhangings, 6 quilted postcards and 4 8x10's. Once completed, I'll photograph them and get them on the blog. Well, maybe not all of them, but enough for you to get the picture.

Art shows are exciting, though sometimes disheartening (when little interest is shown). But I like most of what I do and enjoy talking about it.

Oh, family members commented that I have made a good start but where is my art. I've included some of my recent work.

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Marlene said... have been busy and very creative. I love ALL your work and your comments are great. Gives me inspiration! Thanks for keeping up with the blog. YOU DONE GOOD GIRL!