Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jazzfest Continues

I've taken the old Japanese art form "gyotaku" - fish rubbing, a step further, on fabric and quilted. I do so love nature printing. Check out I also thoroughly enjoy leaf printing as well. There's an example. Since I am not a fisher person, I purchase my fish, paint it, place the fabric on top and gently rub so the paint transfers to the fabric. I add borders, maybe some leaf printing, and finish the piece with free motion quilting. Both leaf printing and fish rubbing is very meditative to me. Crazy as it sounds, even to me, I seem to commune with nature during the process.

Saturday at the Jazzfest - beautiful weather for most of the day. The music was grand. The crowds increased in size as the day progressed. A few customers; the return ones thrill me. Future ones??? I continue to talk about the world of fiber art. The rain of this morning is supposed to move along by noon when the show opens. I sure hope so. We did need the rain as Florida is mighty dry. Rain does tend to keep folks away from outdoor events.


Joy Ely said...

How do you get the fish smell out of your quilt?!

Diane said...

Joy, I've never had trouble with the prints. If I did I could wash the fabric as I use fabric paint - setacolor or Jacquard