Friday, April 13, 2007

Jazz Festival

I beat the sun this morning. I never seem to sleep well before a show. Adding the finishing touches to the music pieces took more time then I allotted so I was stressed. I managed to take some photos though not ideal ones. I finished 3 medium hangings called Jazz I, II, III. These I surface designed a batik using Shiva Paintsticks - rubbings and stencils. Appliqued the instruments and added yarn covered pipecleaners for the treble clef and buttons. An African Queen series, 8 x 10", similar style to a larger piece I entered in my local Art Association. I used some African fabrics my darling sister, Marlene, and another quilt friend gave me. I love the African doll idea and went for it. 6 quilted fabric postcards, 4 x 6" following the music theme. Some I put in fabric frames that JoAnn's used to sell and others I hung with a wire and beads. Think I'll look into shadow box frames in the future.

I better get going. My dear husband, Jim, will be ready to pack the car shortly. Can't forget the art! Nor the cooler, lights, canopy, lights, tons of stuff - we fill the minivan. With the show close by, we get to sleep in our own bed at night. I will give you an update on doing shows tomorrow morning - early!

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