Saturday, April 14, 2007

Art shows

"It Takes all Kinds of Music" a fabric collage, raw-edged and fused appliques, and free motion quilting with metallic threads. This is the same technique I use when I quilt up my sweatshirt jackets.

Yesterday's weather was fantastic: warm, sunny, and breezy. The Art at the Met, Jacksonsville, Florida is held at riverside for 3 days. Our spot in facing the river with a beautiful, wisteria covered gazebo in the back. It's at least 10 degrees cooler there - great when the sun gets too high and hot. The music was great as well. Foot traffic swells when the music acts take a break. I do spend a lot of time talking about fiber art - art quilting. People seemed amazed what I can do with fabric, thread and a sewing machine. Many comment that they have never seem anything like this before. A teacher always. I am wealthy with compliments.


Joy Ely said...

I love this quilt!
You inspired me...there's a painting I've been trying to get right, then it dawned on me that I should try to quilt it instead.... but I was wondering how to get it to look the way I envisioned.

This quilt showed me - I was making it too hard!

I'm sure being a musician is making me partial to the subject matter, but I like the soothing colors you chose.
I have some of that band fabric, and it's so...kitschy looking by itself. You utilized it well. (I used it for a backpack to haul my music in...)

Diane said...

Joy, glad to help inspire you! I first pieced the top with different music fabrics and then collaged. A fun technique - a quick one, as well. The minimal quilting finished it off.